Friday, October 10, 2014

The Day She's Been Looking Forward to All Year

I've been sitting here a long time trying to figure out what to write. I've been thinking about all the things that have happened since Beth was born.

Should I write about her birth? She was an emergency C-section, our first child. I was only 23, didn't drink or smoke and at the time, went against all the statistics that proved most babies with Ds were born when mom was much older. They told us she might not live past her teens. My doctor secretly dropped the visiting hour rules and our family came and went all hours of the day. When he saw how much Beth was held and was the focus of every visit, he ordered the rules be reinstated. He just wanted to make sure she would be loved.

Should I write about what she was like growing up? Beth was healthy, with no heart issues and only an occasional bout of upper respiratory issues. We didn't have blogs, or the Buddy Walk or Down Syndrome Awareness month... no one knew she existed except her family and friends. She was just another kid in the neighborhood jumping on the trampoline, waving sparklers on the 4th of July, playing on the slip 'n' slide we made in the front yard.

Should I write about where we are 30 years later? That she graduated from high school, got a job, does her laundry, takes out the trash, enjoys art and music. Just everyday stuff like the rest of us.

Or should I write about where we go from here? Now they say she may live into her 50's, but who knows where science and technology will be 20 years from now and how long her life will be extended at that point? Is she at the peak of her life? If the timeline is correct, Beth is middle aged. We're beginning to watch for all that entails.

Or maybe I should just post pictures and let them tell the story. :)

My mom





Happy 30th birthday Beth!
It's a journey we didn't expect, but we're so thankful we get to travel it with you!


Meredith said...

Happy birthday to the amazing Beth! Here's to a great year to come!

Caz said...

Happy birthday Beth. And Cindy, congratulations on having a 30 year old daughter. So glad I get to hear some of the adventures.

kathyinhelene said...

These pictures of this Beautiful baby, little girl, teenager and adult fill my eyes with tesrs, and joy. We, I am the one blessed too call her"My Friend". We can NEVER say when, but b blessed when we, or Beth can do. Loveeeee.

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing your daughter with us, Cindy. I noticed in all the pictures that Beth is doing all the things the rest of us do. I wish more people would learn to understand that--she is living her life like the rest of us.

Happiest of birthdays, Beth and welcome to the 30's club.....I've been here for nearly 7 years and it's pretty good! :)

Rochelle said...

Happy birthday, Beth! Hope your day was fabulous. Love all the info and the pics!

Mardra & Marcus said...

Much Love, Us

Stephanie said...

Happy,Happy Birthday Beth!!!

JC said...

Loved this post so much Cindy. The words, the pictures, everything was just perfect! Happy Birthday to Beth!

Kristen's mom said...

Happy Birthday Beth!
You are Loved.