Tuesday, August 14, 2012

This Day

Thirty years ago this day, I did marry my best friend. We have laughed, lived and had some pretty big dreams. Through it all, we've stayed in love with each other. A downright miracle if you ask me!!

30 years
3 kids
2 states
6 homes
13 cars
37 road trips

We began dating in 1981

Married on August 14, 1982 and two years later, started our family.

This is the morning we left San Diego for Washington State.
February, 1989

Chuck and I have ridden a jet boat up the Rogue River in Oregon.
(We're on the left, third row from front.)

Volunteered in Patzcuaro, Mexico on a medical missions team


The following year we took the girls down and
we volunteered for a week at at orphanage in Morelia, Mexico.


Had one major accident
Chuck was alone in the truck.
 He walked away with scratches and 6 stitches in his arm.
That's my mom holding Beth. She was 1 week old.
What a week that was!

The thing that most defines our family though are our road trips.
We crave them.
We talk about past trips and plan new ones.
We've traveled most of the U.S. by car.

Half Dome in Yosemite





New York!!

Hurricane Ridge in Western Washington

And countless trips back and forth to San Diego, where we both grew up. These past thirty years have been a wild ride! Chuck has loved me through some ugly times. Our marriage has seen some amazing high's and terrible lows, but divorce was never an option. No matter what we've been through, we both knew we were going through it together.
Here's to another 30!!


The very first photo taken of us as a couple.
Stop laughing! :)
I just saw a picture on Awkward Family Photos and they
were wearing this same shirt!!


Becca said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! And happy, happy anniversary to both of you! How exciting! I loved, loved, loved these photos - you guys were just little babies when you started dating! An amazing, wonderful day to celebrate. :-)

Wren said...

Happy Anniversary! So fun to look at all of those pictures...you've created a beautiful family and life! Here's to another wonderful 30 years!

Laura said...

Happy, happy anniversary to you!! Loved all the pictures. Once our boys are a little bigger we hope to be avid road trippers too!

JC said...

Oh my gosh, this was the cutest post ever!! Happy Anniversary!!