Sunday, March 18, 2012

We Finally Got to Meet Them!!

Today was the day!!
We've been looking forward to it for weeks!
Today we got to meet....

Rebecca and Samantha from The Bates Motel!!

Rebecca and I hugged when we first saw each other.
She said it seemed like we had been friends for a couple of years.
I completely agree! Blogging builds relationships, even across the miles.

They are visiting family here in Seattle, all the way from Virginia.
We met at a local restaurant for pancakes and omletes.
Samantha had her favorite - peanut butter and jelly.
Beth had her favorite - an omlete with ham.

We settled into the seats at the restaurant and began talking.
Occupations. School. Ancestors.
Samantha began to open up.
She was talking a little bit and laughing.

I found myself just staring at her.
She's so beautiful. And so smart!
She was trying to get Beth to talk and open up.
Beth never did. Not really.
No laughing. No snorting. :(

An hour later it was time to say goodbye.
Samantha sat in the booth and said she wanted Beth.
I had to force Beth to go over to her.
That's just how Beth is.
Quiet. Shy.

But Beth did go to her.
Samantha grabbed her hand.
We stopped just inside the doors to take some pictures.
Oh my gosh they were so cute.
They warmed up to each other and at that point, didn't want to leave!

Such a great afternoon!!
I can't stop thinking about them.

Thank you Rebecca for being willing to drive the hour to get here!
I miss you already!!

Rebecca, Samantha, Beth, Me.


Michelle said...

That's wonderful that you guys were able to meet!

Kristin said...

So fun!!!!

JC said...

That's so awesome you guys got to meet each other!!! Great pictures too :)

Melissa said...

How great that you got to get together!! Love the pictures!

Nan said...

Love the photos! And the fact that there ws jus that little bit of time at the end, where there had been enough time, for connection. Sometimes things just take time. This too is wonderful!

Becca said...

Sorry I'm 5 days late to comment here...first time at a computer!! LOL

I'm SOOOOO happy we got to meet!!! I absolutely LOVE your family - you are all so incredibly *warm*. That was the adjective I kept using to describe you to people. Beth is so beautiful and sweet, and I love how she and Samantha both warmed up to each other so perfectly. I couldn't stop smiling once we left you guys. Thank you so much for meeting up with us! I really, really hope we can do it again some time.

Oh, by the way, we stopped into the dollar store across the street so I could get some little games and toys for Samantha, and she saw some black headbands and said she wanted to get one, like Beth had. :-)

Leah said...

I just came across your blog today and was surprised to see Miss Sammi! So fun to see a familiar face in an unexpected place!