Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dinner Theater

Sorry it's taken me so long to post. We had a very busy weekend (Beth slept 13 hours Sunday night!) then two doctors appointments at the beginning of the week. Last night I had a few hours alone, the first time in almost a year and I actually just sat in the silence. Did a little reading and soaked up the quiet. Not that my house is very noisy, but sometimes a girl just needs a few hours alone. :)

Anyway.... on to the reason for this post. The Dinner Theater pictures. The theme was England in the 60's. Costumes were to be more Mod than Hippie. The popular outfit was a skinny 60's dress. Beth doesn't do skinny mini skirt. So we modified it a bit and went more with a Tracy Turnblad from Hairspray.


Beth and Kendall handing out catalogs for the silent auction

There was Mary Poppins, The Beatles and Leonardo D 'Vinci 

There were 20 skits in all. And those kids were SO talented! The speeches and songs were phenomenal. Beth is very shy so she was in the first song and the last. The first song involved a few kids on stage, but the rest of the choir was to walk among the tables (46!) while they sang. Beth.... walked back and forth along the back wall. :)

The final song, a Beatles medley had all the kids go up onto and around the stage. Beth preferred to stay on the side, out of the spotlight.

She did such a good job though. Friday night Chuck, me, Sharaya and Ryan attended. Beth got to come sit with us and have dinner. Saturday night I hung out with Beth during the show. We brought our own dinner and ate in my office. Then hung out back stage until the final song. On Sunday, Diana and I attended and Beth and some of the other choir members sat in chairs in the back. (Sunday was a matinee and only dessert was served.)

She had such a great time. Went to bed early Sunday night and slept almost til noon on Monday!  


Nan said...

Oh my oh my! You made my day Beth. You are like the PERFECT Tracy! It sounds (and looks!) like so much fun!!!! wish i could have been there. Jessie would have loved to see the show!

Becca said...

I LOVE Beth's outfit!!!! What a fun thing to do! Wish we could have been there to see her. :-)