Thursday, March 15, 2012

Does Anyone Out There Remember the 60's?

Dinner Theater is coming. Next week is the big fund raiser for the youth choir. Each year they put on a dinner theater complete with orchestra, comedy skits and amazing costumes! Beth joined the choir last year right before the dinner theater so she only stood at the door to take tickets.

This year however, she is singing in the first number, the last number and also handing out paperwork to those attending the silent auction. It's all about England during the 60's: Mary Poppins, The Beatles, etc. We bought her a 60's shirt covered in leather circles (the size of a quarter) and a mini skirt and I was gonna get some leggings to go under it but I'm considering putting her in some brightly colored jeans instead.

Guess what we're gonna do tomorrow night? We're going to experiment with hair dos! I'm planning to trim her hair so hopfully it holds the shape better. Too long and it gets weighted down. She has the wide head band already (think Hairspray) so I'm gonna tease the heck out of her hair and soak it in hair spray! This is gonna be fun!


Kristen's mom said...

take lots of pictures!

Kristin said...

Can't wait to see it :)