Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sometimes I Can be Such a Dork

We had a guy from Sears come out yesterday and work on our stove. Nothing major, but the handle fell off. So we called and they sent out a repairman.

He happened to be an old Chinese man. He bowed really low before entering; didn't speak much English. I just kept smiling. He was so funny and carefree. When I think of an older Chinese man, I think of the stoic, serious guys I see on TV or in the news. Very traditional.

This guy spoke very loud and was so funny! He told me, "Yes. Screws too short. We knew. We carry long screws."

I had jerry rigged the door with string to keep it from laying open. He pointed to it, "Oh! Very good! You smart! Other lady use tape. No good. No tape!" (He was yelling this, in his broken English. And he'd laauugh! He was such a fun guy!)

After he was done he said, "You good. We good." and he held up his hand, "Give me number 5!" I gave him a high 5 and thought how cute it was that he wanted to be a part of American culture but didn't really know how to say it. I kept smiling as we went to the door.

On the porch again he held up his hand, "Give me number 5!" So I smiled again and gave him another high 5. As he turned to leave he said, "On the computer. Give me 5 score."



Sharaya said...

Ryan and I are sitting here laughing at this, what a funny guy!!!! That's hilarious!

EN said...

What a great story! LOL!!!!

Alex's Mom said...

so funny...btw that is a great picture on the trampoline!

Following our Arrow said...

LOLOLOLOL! Love it! :) What a great story :)

Michelle said...

haha! I laughed so much at this post I just had to read it to my husband :)