Wednesday, February 23, 2011

She's Baaa-aaack!!

I saw 'Miss Terri' getting into the elevator yesterday and told her I wanted to talk with her about the possibility of Beth joining the youth choir again. She said we didn't have to talk, Beth could join. We would need to talk about the details, but Beth could definitely join.

I wanted to jump in the air and do a backflip but considering I'm pushing 50 and not very athletic, I settled on a big "Thank you!"

Our song bird is back. Beth loves to sing. L~O~V~E~S to sing. When I told her she could join again, she didn't say anything. She was speechless. But she's already asking about talking to Miss Terri.

I love to see my kids happy. L~O~.... well anyway. We plan to go to rehearsal this Sunday. I'll keep ya posted!

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Wren said...

Yay for Beth!!! I bet she's so excited and will have so much fun!