Sunday, February 27, 2011

Big Changes on the Way!

No, no I'm not pregnant. My kids are having kids. I'm a Nana, remember? :)

There are some big changes on the way for Beth.

Diana has recently lost about 30 pounds and is getting the rest of us excited about changing our food and exercising more. She bought Beth a food journal and she's writing in it every day. She's going on the treadmill a few times a week, she's sleeping in her bed again; she's starting to make good choices about her life.

The youth choir is singing in our Sunday services next week so Beth will start rehearsing the following week. You have to rehearse for a few weeks before you're able to sing on a Sunday. Too many people only want to sing in front of the congregation without putting in the work. She was a little disappointed that she couldn't practice with them tonight, but she understood. Her first rehearsal will be on March 6.

I called yesterday to sign Beth up for Special Olympics Athletics (Track). She says she wants to run and do the shot put. I'm afraid her weight will keep her from doing well in the relays, but if she wants to try, we'll definitely let her. So on March 12 she starts Athletics!

With her new diet and all the extra exercise I know we're gonna see a huge change in her. We're planning a trip to Colorado and California in September to visit family and I can't for them to see her! I know she's gonna feel better, her clothes will fit better and she'll have more energy. I'm hoping too that it'll get her out of her shell. She's so shy, maybe all the extra activity will make her talk more and she'll have more friends.

I am so absolutely excited about what this year is gonna hold for her!


Kristin said...

Go Beth - we'll cheer you on!

Unknown said...

I know she can do it. I just think the world of Beth! I wish she lived next door so I could visit with her!

Leah Spring said...

Oh, this is GREAT to hear! Angela lost 30 lbs last year, and right now she could stand to loose about 5 pounds. There are walking events in Special Olympics track too, if Beth is interested in doing that. I'm proud of her for wanting to join, and she can make a lot of friends there too! YAY Beth!

My name is Sarah said...

Good luck Beth. You can do it!!!

Erin said...

Wonderful! I look forward to hearing about her progress. It think we all need goals, it makes life a lot less boring ;)

Michelle said...

It sounds like Beth has some wonderful goals! Go Beth! You can do it!