Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Great Road Trip, Despite the Smell

Chuck and I were on vacation last week. Didn't go anywhere really, just stayed around the house, slept in, did projects. It was nice! We usually take a trip, go somewhere that requires packing, planning, lodging, etc. But this time we just stayed home. Well except for Friday. I mean we couldn't be on vacation without taking some type of road trip!! Come on, this is us we're talkin' about!! :)

So on Friday we drove over to Ellensburg to see Chuck's sister. I say 'over' because we drove over the Cascade Mountain Range, through Snoqualmie Pass to get to Eastern Washington. The weather was beautiful and the roads were clear, thank goodness. They're actually saying we could get snow here, in our own backyards this weekend!! Woohoo!! Being born and raised in San Diego, I love it when we get snow!

We stopped at an outlet mall in North Bend to do a little shopping before heading over the mountains. Beth got some new black tennis shoes. Allison ran around for a while; we were trying to tire her out so she'd sleep the rest of the way. It worked. :)

This lake, I can't remember the name of it, Kasesh or something like that, was partially frozen over. The mountains and scenery were breathtaking!

Chuck's sister Becky lives just one block from Central Washington University. I didn't realize she was that close to the school. She said a lot of the people in her complex are students.

She's had a lot of physical struggles and is a cancer survivor. She fought leukemia for a few years. It was so scary. But now she's in remission and doing much better.

We went to lunch and took her to the grocery store before dropping her back at home. She only lives a couple hours away; we really need to do this more often.

Becky, Chuck, Allison, Sharaya, Beth, Diana

Me, Becky and Chuck

Had to pull over on the side of the road on our way home. The smell was horrible! Sharaya pulled off the diaper and....

Nothin'!! Boy can this baby fart!!

The ride home was just as beautiful. We avoided the snow that was forecast for the mountains, thank goodness. It was getting just dark enough to see the lights on the ski slopes. Such a fun day. We do love a good road trip!

Almost asleep......

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Unknown said...

What a fun outing. Allison is SO cute. I am glad you could see his sister. That campus is gorgeous! Love it!