Monday, September 27, 2010

Let Us Show You Around!

Two days and 1300 miles later, we're in Denver. Arrived last night after two days of driving; eleven hours each day. Warm weather, beautiful scenery. Had lunch yesterday in a small town in Montana. Population 3400. We drove hour upon hour without seeing a building more than 3 stories high. And most of those were the gorgeous homes perched on top of rolling hills. I wondered if the kids growing up in these small towns had ever seen a sky scraper? Had they ever visited 'the big city'? I grew up in San Diego and have lived most of my adult life in Seattle, so these small towns intrigue me. I love the quiet streets, the open country side, the relaxed lifestyle.  I wonder how my life would be different if I lived there.

We started having minor car trouble just outside of Denver last night, so Chuck has taken it to the shop. In the mean time, Beth and I are hanging out at the hotel. We had breakfast downstairs and then decided to show you around. :)

We always show Beth how to get to the room by herself.
She knows our room number and which floor we're on: Three.
(Doesn't she look thrilled? I think she ate too much breakfast!')

When you come off the elevator, which way do you go?
The hallways can be confusing!

When you step off the elevator, there is a small table with a mirror above it. We've told Beth she needs to smile at herself when she goes to our room. So she knows to go by the mirror! I do love that face!

There are two small arrows on the bottom of the room key. She knows to put those in the key holder.

And now you know how to get to our room too! :)

We are here for a few days to help Chuck's mom and sister with a few things in their condo. His mom will be 80 this year, is a cancer survivor and is struggling with her health. His sister suffered a stroke a few years ago and is paralyzed on her right side. There are things like changing light bulbs and reaching the rods in their closets that we are going to fix. It's going to be a lot of work but we really want to make a difference for them.

There's no one like family!

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