Monday, September 13, 2010

Special Connections

Here are a few pictures from our Sunday school class. I don't have permission from the parents so I won't be showing the boys faces.

The boys we had this day all have a form of autism. I pulled out the parachute for the first time. Oh my word, they loved it!! There must be something about the way it feels on their skin and about the whooshing sound it makes that really calms them and brings out the laughter!

Sometimes we have them lay on the floor and we pull the parachute up to the ceiling, then down on top of them. Then back to the ceiling with a huge gust of air! Here they're sitting in the middle of it while we.... 'billow' it around them. (Not sure how else to describe it.)

The kids love it and the teachers are gettin' some cool biceps!! :)

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