Friday, May 10, 2024

Mother's Day, Birds, Gardening... All Things Spring

 Hi everyone,
It's been a busy week and I've really gotten a lot done. I always feel so good when that happens! With our Disneyland trip coming up in July we're all trying to walk more and build up endurance. Sharaya and I did laps around the path at a park just a couple blocks from our house. We've had gorgeous weather this week - sunny with temps pushing 80. Beth didn't want to come with us (she had gone bowling that day and bowled two games, so she just walked up and down our street.) And I was okay with that. I was glad she was willing to do that!
Hickman Park

 Just a couple days after I wrote the post about the bird's nest I noticed the eggs were gone. That's the first time that's happened. I don't know what animal got to them - the nest doesn't seem to be disturbed - but all the eggs are gone. Usually we see mom and dad sitting on the nest, they fly past us as we open the door, and they hadn't been doing that. So one day I peeked in. 😔 They haven't been back to tear apart the nest so I plan to just leave it there. Maybe they'll mate again??
I bought some geraniums and marigolds at Home Depot and spent Wednesday afternoon planting them all. I do love color in my yard. I don't have a green thumb, but I try hard. 😊 
This Monday, May 13 is the anniversary of the day my mom died. I realized the other day it's been 19 years. That just seems crazy that it's been that long. She and my dad got married when she was 16 (it was a way out of her abusive home) so she didn't graduate from high school. After all her kids were in school she went to night school and got her diploma. 

Us at Disneyland. I think I was in the 4th-5th grade.

And a few years later, me and my girls at Disneyland. 
Back when I was the tallest. 😁

While I've been writing this the washing machine began thumping so I paused it, then re-adjusted all the towels and started it back up again, wrote a little more, then made some iced tea... now it's 11:30 and the outside is calling me! 
It's good to be catching up with all of you again. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and a blessed Mother's Day.


ellen b. said...

It is good to build up some stamina for Disneyland for sure! We are enjoying the warm up here in NE Wa, too. That's a sweet story of your mom taking night classes to get her diploma. Happy Mother's Day weekend to you!

Terri D said...

Good for you all, walking and getting ready for your vacation! Beth looks like she has lost weight!! Good for her! Sorry about the bird eggs and empty nest. That's sad. Keep us posted about your progress walking!

Susan said...

I love the new cover with Beth, she looks great! I want to go to Disneyland for my birthday, but August is a hot month. I usually go to the beach. I think we put on 18000 steps the last time at Disneyland. Have a Happy Anniversary!

Jeanie said...

Happy Mother's Day. I'm doing the same with walking in prep for England in the fall! Good luck. said...

Bless your mama's heart. Sounds like she had a difficult childhood. I sure admire her for getting her diploma.
Sad for the little eggs and the mommy and daddy birds. We had a little nest begun in the wreath on our door. Through the frosted glass on the door, I would see the birds working on it. Then they disappeared. I can't bear to remove the nest. Maybe both of our birds will return again.