Saturday, August 26, 2023


 Hi everyone,
I thought I'd give you some updates on things I've written the last couple of weeks.
A few posts back I wrote about dozens of sirens. More than I've ever heard in the 20+ years we've lived here. The fire trucks and Battalion Chiefs... they were all going to a house fire. There was nothing on the news and even our little local paper just mentions 'crews assisted with a residential fire' so I'm praying it was small and no major damage was done. 
The police cars in the Bartell's parking lot were from the officers chasing a guy who stole shoes from a store. He took off running and ended up in the same store we were in. Thankfully he was caught and put in jail. 
We're monitoring Beth's meds more closely and have added a few things like iron and Vitamin D. I can tell she's trying to eat better and exercise more. During the summer since there's no preschool she just works one day a week. On Thursday she worked about two hours disinfecting the main foyer, the bathrooms, and the stairwell railings. She came up to my desk and asked if there was anything else. She was breathing heavy and I could tell she was tired but she said she wanted to keep working. So I had her vacuum one of our largest rooms. When I peeked in on her a while later she was moving chairs to be able to vacuum under the tables! That's something she doesn't always do in the preschool rooms.
Chuck and I are talking about moving her to the bedroom upstairs. Our daylight basement doesn't have running water and I'm wondering if that is a factor in her hygiene. We bought her a large serving tray so she can carry her dirty dishes upstairs but she ends up leaving them down there. And maybe the tray isn't the right tool? In the bedroom across the hall from our room she'll be right next to the bathroom, it's a quick walk to the kitchen, and she won't have to haul her trash cans or heavy laundry up the stairs... So, we're still figuring things out. We got a random email the other day (a blessing, or is it a little creepy because we've been talking about it?) about getting information on respite providers. There's so many things to consider.

Thank you for all of your ideas and suggestions, and for your concern for Beth and our family. I appreciate each one of you! 

Diana, Peter and Adelaide will be here in 5 days!! I think Adelaide is as excited as we are!


Terri D said...

Adelaide is adorable!! How exciting to have the kids coming for a visit!! It sounds like you are getting things figured out for Beth. Do keep us posted on how the new room works out for her. Prayers offered!! Have a blessed week ahead!

ellen b. said...

Hope you can decide on the best plan for Beth and that she will go along with it. Hooray about the upcoming visit. I'm sure you are ticking off the days. said...

Thank you for updating us. I was sharing Beth with my sister. We both feel your stress and concern for figuring out the right solution for your precious daughter. Photos keep popping up on my FB memories of a trip we made to see Mom in the midst of Covid in 08.2020. It was so hard sitting behind a plexiglass screen trying to visit with her on the patio of her assisted living complex. As often as we tried to explain things to her, Mom couldn't understand.

Enjoy that adorable baby girl. I know Beth will have fun with her, too. Maybe your daughter can help you figure out things with Beth, maybe even get her situated in the upstairs bedroom.