Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Cats, Cut, Check Mate

It seems like I just wrote my last post yesterday but now I see it's been a week! Time is just flying by.

The cats have been such a great source of entertainment. Sharaya and Ally say they love to watch TV and now we've seen it for ourselves. This is Maya. She couldn't take her eyes off that hockey puck!


We went to Diana and Peter's on Sunday for lunch. Diana got Peter got a new griddle for his birthday and he couldn't wait to try it out. I'm glad we got to he his testers! The burgers were delicious! While we waited for them to cook, Diana and Sharaya played chess and Beth copied her letters. (She does this at home every day.) It was my second time seeing Poppy, their puppy (does anyone else remember that Christmas song from the 60's? "Poppy the puppy, loves little girls and boys, he checks the list, you won't be missed, you'll get your share of toys." I think I still have the 45) but I didn't get one single picture! There was even some great shots when Poppy was chasing Peter around the yard but I completely missed the opportunity.


After dinner we played Phase 10. Have you ever played it? My family used to play Frustration Rummy and they're very similar but I think Phase 10 is more frustrating! (Can you tell I lost?)

I got my hair cut last weekend. You can't really see a difference but I've had an undercut for a few years and this time I got layers. Only about an inch of layers. I'm not a big fan of change so I take baby steps when I can. 😊



 On Friday Beth and I are going to see Beauty and the Beast at the 5th Ave Theater! We are so excited we can hardly stand it!


Rebecca Jo said...

You know I'm excited that you are going to see Beauty & the Beast... so fun!!!!
I have Phase 10 but have never got anyone to play with me so dont know how it works yet... I need more game players in my life

Jeanie said...

Sounds like a good time being together! Lizzie doesn't watch TV much but when she does, it's very amusing!

Love your haircute. Very cute!

ellen b. said...

Have fun tomorrow at the show! Looks like you had a great time together. I have the hardest time finding the puck in a hockey game! :)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That's interesting about the cats. My daughters dog watched TV all the time. Sounds like a nice time at Diana and Peter's. I don't remember that song. I don't think we eve played Phase 10. Your hair looks great. My hairdresser of 15 years just moved away. I have to try a new girl he suggested and I'm nervous about it. Hope you enjoyed Beauty and the Beast.

Pamela M. Steiner said...

I don't think I've ever heard that song! The cat is so funny. Phase 10 is fun, I think. I know we played it a few times with some friends. It's been a while. Your hair looks cute, but to be honest, I can't tell the difference...maybe more layers in the back? I don't know, but it still looks very pretty! I like it! I got my hair cut yesterday, but it is pretty short. I have two many cowlicks to let it grow long anymore. LOL. I don't have the patience to work on it much and usually end up getting a body perm, but I have to wait for it to grow out a little bit again first. You have pretty hair!! Enjoy being with your family...that is a blessing!

Susan said...

Nothing better than getting a good haircut! How was Beauty and the Beast? It was a great movie! We haven't been to Disney in a couple of years. Still waiting for Covid to go away! Enjoy your week!