Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Email, Scans and Life At Home

A couple of months ago Outlook stopped working for us so we've had to go to hotmail.com to see our email. But we have 4 different email addresses (work, blog, etc.) and we couldn't just log out of one and into the other one. We had to wait 10 minutes or the previous email address would come up again. So I haven't been able to get your posts through email! Not very easily anyway. It's been so frustrating! Well today Chuck got Outlook working again! And of course it's one of those things where he can't tell me what he did. You know when you click on the same button you've been clicking on, only this time it worked?! Ah, technology. But now we have access to all of our email - woohoo!

Well, tomorrow Chuck goes in for his PET scan. The oncologist told us that because the cancer is on his scalp, it will drain into his lymph nodes and the scan will show how much it has drained and to which nodes, by the ears or in the neck. The ones in the neck are easier to get to and the ones by the ear have a facial nerve that is in front of the node and it needs to be moved to the side before they can do the surgery. It sounded like there was quite a risk. As of right now the surgery is scheduled for April 14. 

Chuck drives a metro bus and I've been concerned that he's still out driving when his immune system is compromised. But he got the okay yesterday to stay home! Plus he's got enough time built up that he'll still be getting paid. That whole situation is an absolute answer to prayer. A direct, without-a-doubt answer from God! 

God is so good!

In the meantime Beth and I been hunkered down at home. I only go out when I need to go the grocery store. Does anyone else feel awkward getting into your car? It's almost like I have to remind myself how to drive it every time I get into it!  

We have been trying to go for walks every day. There are a lot of people with that same idea!

 How are you coping?
I hope you're doing well. 
Stay safe and healthy!


Pamela M. Steiner said...

Praying for your hubby and his upcoming surgery. May the Lord go before him and prepare the way, and give his doctors wisdom and skill. Praying for all of you to have peace of mind, knowing that The Great Physician is already at work on his behalf. So glad your husband is now able to stay at home. Praying for all of you to stay well. We try to take a walk daily...I am still recuperating from some surgery, so don't walk far...I mostly just take pictures of flora and fauna while hubby walks. But it is good to get outside in the fresh air and stay away from the news. Have a blessed and beautiful day and know that God is in control in all things.

Theresa said...

Prayers for your husband's surgery and for your family! We are just staying in and trying to get through this together! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

ellen b. said...

Glad hubby got this time off and the scan is scheduled. What a blessing to be payed, too. May all go well for him and all of you.

Jeanie said...

I send prayers and good thoughts for Chuck's appointments and surgery. I know that must be terribly stressful right now for you all -- as if we don't all have enough stress going on. And good news about the paid time off. I'm glad you're staying in as much as possible.

I am more or less under house arrest -- solo walks, yard time is OK, otherwise, home alone, except when Rick comes. We can only be six feet apart which is terribly hard for us. But we do what we need to do. Take care and stay well.

Barb said...

Hi Cindy~

I will be praying for Chuck and for your family. I pray that the scan gives you some answers and hopefully positive answers. God is so good! Answers to prayers are such an amazing blessing, especially when you have been praying for something so specific, and then it happens. You know that that's not by chance :0)

Keep your chin up! You are always so positive and happy, I love visiting here!! Stay safe, Hug your sweet husband and your darling Beth!!

Hugs and Love,

Patti said...

I haven't even driven my car in 2 weeks. My husband has been getting any groceries we need, as he is still going out to work. By the time this is all over with, I may forget how to drive! LOL

Praying for Chuck right now!

Rebecca Jo said...

Lifting up prayers for your hubby!!! Glad he's home now.
& YES - I had to drive last week for the first time in a week & I was like WHOOOO - I felt like I kept swerving on the road like a 15 year old with a permit.