Saturday, April 29, 2017

Well You Don't See THAT In Seattle

On one of our many trips to San Diego, we took a detour through Colorado and stopped to see Chuck's mom and sister. Then we continued south to see my sister in a teeny, tiny town called Walsenburg.

We followed my sister and brother-in-law in their truck because we'd never have found their property on our own. We turned off the main road and onto a dirt road.

And we drove.

And we drove.

Eventually a herd of cattle began to run along side the truck! We couldn't believe it! You know you're in Colorado when you share the road with the cattle!

You can see we aren't driving in the ruts because there were 7 people in our 7-person van and we kept hitting bottom! Not fun for the people riding in the back. After more than 20 miles, we finally arrived at their property.

Me and my sister Kathy

My sister showed us around the property, where they're planning to build their home, where they've built the well. It really is a gorgeous place and you can see forever!

As we walked around we could see the clouds were getting thicker so we decided to head back. Chuck is a walking GPS so we made it back okay but not before driving smack into the middle of the rainstorm.

It POURED! Then, as fast as it came, it was gone! It was crazy!

By the time we got back to civilization, our van was barely recognizable! Wow! We've driven a lot of miles over the years but it's never been that dirty before!

Welcome to Walsenburg!

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Cranberry Morning said...

Wow, that was some trip! There are people who actually drive out in the country to deliberately get their SUV dirty. Can you believe that! Looks like huge open space. I've visited Colorado a couple times, and there's nothing but flat land between the eastern border and the mountains. Amazing!