Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Going The Distance

The distance between Seattle and San Diego is approximately 1,256 miles and we have driven it so many times, we finally stopped counting at 35. Seriously. 

Our family loves road trips!

Just looking at this picture brings feelings of euphoria!

I was born and raised in San Diego, Chuck was born in L.A. (Fullerton) but grew up in San Diego. That's where we went to rival high schools (Go Monarchs!), we met, married and started our family there.

So when we moved to Seattle, it became the natural thing to travel back there for just about every single vacation. It was surreal to go back 'home' and yet get lost because so much had changed.

One time we decided to play tourist and we showed our girls around San Diego. We took them to Old Town, and had lunch at Bazaar Del Mundo. All the restaurants have traditional Mexican food and the shops are filled with gifts, art, and jewelry from all over Latin America.

(Thanks Google)

 (Thanks Google)

 We also took them to El Presidio, one of the first missions in San Diego. This was one of the settlements from which San Diego grew and eventually became the city we know today.

It's a beautiful mission and we loved being able to show our girls around the beautiful city we called home.

More road trip adventures to come!

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Rebecca Jo said...

Love the new look to your blog - & that header picture is adorable of those girls!!!