Friday, July 15, 2016

Do You Like Purple?

Diana has been going non-stop since she arrived on Tuesday. We all went out to eat her first night here. She has spent time with the bride-to-be, shopped for gifts, hung out with Sharaya and got to see a few former co-workers. Her dress needed to be hemmed so this morning we drove out to Valerie's to drop it off, then we drove back out a few hours later to pick it up. It looks gorgeous on her!

Kathy, Beth and I wandered around Hobby Lobby. 
I love that store!

 Kathy and I sat down by the water and watched a beautiful sunset.

And we visited The Purple Store!
There were purple bathrobes, bread makers and dog collars!
Then we realized the two of them were both wearing purple!
You can shop there too at!

 We hope you have a fun, purple weekend!

1 comment:

Billie Jo said...

Would you believe I have never been to a Hobby Lobby???
Looks like fun. : )
Have a cozy weekend!