Saturday, July 9, 2016

New York State of Mind

Sharaya decided to take her first solo trip ever! And it was a big one! She hopped on a plane and spent a full week in New York City. Her main reason for going was one of her favorite bands, Mumford and Sons was playing in Queens so she decided to make a full week of out it! We visited there was she was around 17 so she was excited to see how things had changed, as well as see a few things we didn't get to see in 2004.

She stayed with Diana, then would get up early in the morning and take a bus into NY. On Friday night, they got to stay at a friends house who had a place right in New York City. What a view!!

On the roof of their building.

Empire State Building

She went to The Top of the Rock

Freedom Tower

The Guggenheim

At the Mumford & Sons concert at Forest Hills Stadium in Queens

 She had such a great time and now Chuck and I want to go back again!

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Adelaide Dupont said...

New York is exciting, and as you have seen, Sharaya, it changes literally every day.

This concert was marvellous.

Aren't solo trips awesome?