Monday, August 26, 2013

We Don't Want To Be Left Out!

With everyone talking about being back at school or getting ready to go back to school or what it will be like when it's time for them to start school, we were feeling a little left out. So, I thought we'd join the party. :) Here are some first day of school pictures. My girls still talk about how much they loved the new backpacks and school supplies. They'd lay everything out, crossing it off the list, looking at each others stuff.

Seems like a million years ago.




Caz said...

I love those outfits! The new bags and stationary shopping is definitely the good bit about going back.

JC said...

Cute pictures!!

Unknown said...

Oh, the jean jumper craze! I so remember that. I went to Catholic school in elementary years so I had to wear a uniform. But you wouldn't believe the amount of time I spent making sure I had the BEST accessories to go with it! :)