Sunday, August 4, 2013


Seattle just went 35 days with no rain. That's a record around here! I can't say we had 35 days of sun because there were a few cloudy days, but dry days?? That's unheard of. The news channels reported about it, the weathermen had charts and graphs... it was a big deal.

So you can probably guess what happened on day 36. Yep, rain. Lots of rain, actually. And thunder. And lightning.

Know what else happened on the 36th day? Our towns Outdoor Movie Night. We've been looking forward to this for weeks!! Lawn chairs out under the stars, blankets, hot drinks, snacks... but it wasn't to be.

Well they did have it, thankfully they moved it inside, to the gym. We all sat around in our lawn chairs, we still pulled our blankets up, had our hot drinks. We usually don't do things like this. We're homebodies. So, even though it wasn't the night we were expecting (isn't disappointment the result of our expectations not being met?) we still had a great time.

Can you guess what movie we watched?





 And by the way, day 37? Blue skies and sunshine!!

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