Friday, July 5, 2013

Changin' It Up A Little

We've been doing the same thing on the 4th for many years. Go to the parade, come home and have lunch, then go to the park to wait for the fireworks. But now that the kids are grown, we don't want to do the same thing anymore. To be honest, the parade has lost it's excitement. For some reason, our girls don't get excited when they see the fire trucks. Or the clowns! What's up with that? :)

A few years ago Beth started walking in a parade in a city about 20 minutes north of where we live. So we drive up there now and watch her. She wants us there, but doesn't want us to be there, if you know what I mean. So we drop her off, set our chairs out on the parade route... and wait. You know how it goes, you wait and wait, then you see the group coming down the street, and then boom, they're passed. She didn't even look at us, the turkey.



Hi Kendra! At least Kendra waved. This year the parade was more... more, I'm looking for the right word here. Well, let me just say that there were many groups with so many scantily dressed participants that we diverted our eyes more then once to avoid looking at them. They were almost naked, barely wearing anything! On one of the groups, I remember thinking I was glad that the Girl Scouts were in front of them so those little girls wouldn't have to look at them the entire time. A lot of it seemed inappropriate for a family parade.

Afterward, Beth wanted to go home and bbq so we did. Then around 4:00 Diana asked if we were going to go see fireworks. Chuck and Beth wanted to stay home, so Diana and I went. I think this was the very first time Chuck and I didn't watch the fireworks together. :( 

We didn't want more crowds, so we drove around looking for streets that might have a good view. Found a church where people were starting to gather so we settled in. It wasn't crowded at all; Sharaya and Allie joined us (Ryan was helping a friend move) and I got to practice using my camera on the Fireworks setting. (They would have turned out better if I had a tripod.) It actually turned out to be a very nice evening! Except that Chuck wasn't there. :(

I hope you all had a wonderful Independence Day!





Unknown said...

Owen hates loud noises, so parades and fireworks are out for us. I'm actually OK with it because I hate getting stuck in crowds and traffic on the way home. I like your fireworks pictures, they are pretty!

Deborah said...

Ha! Our parade didn't have too many scantily clad people, BUT there was one car that was decorated with some explicit paintings of women. The owners had used star stickers to cover up some of the more revealing pictures. We skipped the big fireworks celebration because I just didn't want to deal with the heat and the crowds, but some of the neighborhood families shot some firecrackers on our street, so the kids enjoyed participating in that.

Mom of 12 said...

We didn't even do a parade or anything this year since we were in Albuquerque. We watched the fireworks out the hotel room window. Sometimes change is good.

Hilda said...