Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Is That the... Sun??

We actually got to see the sun here in Seattle yesterday! It was glorious! The wind was still cold but so many people were outside. It was a beautiful day.

I decided to head to the beach for a while. We only live 2 miles away, I really should go more often. I walked past the grassy areas, past the playground and headed right down to the water. The contrast between the water and the sky and the rocks was so striking. I was snapping away, taking photo after photo.


All of the sudden I hear this lady scream, "Look out! You're gonna step on the baby!!" I looked over to see that she was screaming at me. I thought, 'What? What baby?' And I began to look around. Right at my feet, right at my feet I see this...

That's my footprint at the bottom right. I immediately backed away, the poor baby! He was still alive and the lady said she was hoping mom was going to come back at high tide. He pulled himself up closer behind the rock and just tried to stay hidden. I thought about him all night, hoping, praying he made it back to the water. I wondered if I should have called someone. But who do you call when you find an animal on the shore? And did this warrant a phone call? Would they have taken him away? Course, I didn't think about all this 'til last night.

Anyway, I left there and drove a few blocks away where you can sit in your car and look out over Puget Sound. Much warmer sitting in my car! And the view was just as great. Unfortunately, the clouds covered up the snowy mountain peaks. These were taken with my zoom lens and I haven't quite figured out the lighting when using it.



Caz said...

Oh wow, what an amazing place to have on your doorstep. And seals! Hope things worked out for the baby.

JC said...

Loved your photo's! And glad you got some sun...I know the Island has been getting constant rain lately...I don't miss that!! Sure hope that baby seal ended up ok.