Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rewind Wednesday - Our Big Girl Helper

This is an excerpt from the journal I kept for Beth when she was growing up. 
She was just over 4 years old.

January 18, 1988

Hi Beth,
     I wanted to write and let you know about your accomplishments. You have finally learned to step down without holding onto someone's hand! I'm so proud of you!
     And your speech! You are saying so many words now: Car, Beth, Raya, Tree, Drink, Shoe, Baby, Mommy, Apple. I am truly amazed at your progress.
     You're changing from a toddler to a little girl. You want to help more, you would rather do things yourself than have them done for you.
     As far as your play time, you're into jewelry, dusting, playing house. You put on your purse, pick up your baby and tell me, "Bye!" like you're going somewhere.
     You're very concerned about Raya. What she's doing, if she needs help. You're growing up to be a sweet, kind little girl.
     I love you very much! 

This was taken when Beth was about 5 1/2.



Jess said...

How sweet. :)

Unknown said...

Very cool to look back and see what she was doing at a certain age. I'm hoping by blogging I'll get to do the same in the future.

Becca said...

Oh, I love that picture! I'm just thinking how awesome that is that you kept a journal for her to document, and was just about to say how jealous I was that I didn't have that when I remembered I've been blogging since Samantha was 1. Hahaha...

JC said...

Very sweet :)