Saturday, January 19, 2013

Not a Kid Anymore

Beth volunteered in the office this week. It's been so cold here lately, temps in the 20's and freezing fog that she stayed inside at the elementary school on Monday. I'm guessing the kids played in the gym instead of going outside as well. When she was leaving the house that morning I told her goodbye and said, "Have a great day!" She mumbled something then slammed the door. Okaaay.

Tuesday she went bowling. There are so many people on this league that the bowling alley has told them that they plan to turn over the entire place to them! They have well over 40 lanes!! That's a lot of bowlers! That afternoon we went to the mall and when we stopped at Auntie Anne's Pretzels I was able to ask her why she slammed the door. She gave me her 'go to' response that she always gives when she doesn't want to answer, a shrug of the shoulders and "I dunno." Then I gave her my 'go to' response to that and said, "Yes you do. Just tell me." She finally told me that she doesn't want me talking to her in the morning. She couldn't tell me why though. But okay. I can live with that. For now. For now I will think about this and see if I can figure out why she doesn't want me talking to her.

Wednesday was karaoke and art. She forgot to set her alarm and I woke her up about 20 minutes before she was to walk out the door. But she made it!! As she came upstairs I went back to the office. I stood there while she put on her jacket and headed for the door. Diana was talking with her and told her goodbye and she seemed okay with that.

I'm not sure what this is all about. I think maybe she feels like a little kid when I tell her goodbye. I've told her goodbye since she was little so maybe she's still feeling little when she hears it? Maybe? Sometimes so much of this life is a guessing game.

We all tell each other goodbye though; I try not to let anyone leave the house without saying goodbye. Chuck and I always kiss - always - so I'll need to tell her I say goodbye because I love her. Not because she's a little kid, but because it's what families do, because I love her. And we'll see if that helps!


Caz said...

I imagine it's hard on you not being able to say goodbye,and hope you find a solution that means that you can. In the meantime, you not talking to her in the morning at her request is still a way of saying you love her, I think.

Unknown said...

That's a hard one for sure! I do think it probably has something to do with growing up and wanting to feel like an adult. Maybe you could talk to her earlier in the morning, rather than as she is getting ready to leave? We always say goodbye and give a hug/kiss in our house too. I never want to take for granted that I will see everyone again--you just never know!

ckbrylliant said...

I love how you analyze this situation instead of writing her off as a grouch!!! Could be some or all or none of your thoughts but so glad your thinking about it. It's hard for me to imagine Bridgie not wanting to say goodbye because she does so, so fervently right now, but I know it will happen!