Friday, December 2, 2011

To Garland or Not To Garland

The Christmas Around the World Potluck is over. We had less people that I hoped, but around the amount I expected. I know the reason for that though and hope to change it next year.

This was my 4th year organizing this event and it really is getting easier. I loved finding the table centerpieces, enjoyed making the trees (even though I was in tears trying to make the perfect bow) and really liked trying all the different foods!

I had Mung Bean Soup for the first time. It's from Vietnam. I may not have the name exactly right because I left my notes at work. :) It's sort of a tapioca look with a creamy cococut topping. It was really good.

Beth went back for seconds for the sea food pancakes from Korea. They looked like a quesadilla.

She was such a great help tonight! She lit the candles, put the dirty napkins in the laundry bag and steered the long cart full of supplies back to my office. At one point she tells me, "I feel like I'm driving a car!" (She's only driven once, a few yards, in a school parkinglot.)

We had fun tonight, but I'm glad it's over. And my trees? Some of you have asked about my tomato cage trees. I forgot one, small detail. The garland. The entire time I was making them I was thinking, "I bet they would look better with garland." Yet I never went back to look at the original Pinterest photo. Until tonight. Yep, they have garland. Oh well. My trees looked okay! Now I can't wait to go get the garland! Just $5 at Michaels! I bet they'll look amazing! :)

Table decorations

One of the trees. I filled the planter with brown paper bags, then covered them with a layer of moss.


My helper!

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Kristin said...

Love the candy cane on each napkin, and the tomato cage trees looked fantastic!