Saturday, December 10, 2011

Seems Like Forever

It seems like forever since I've written here. With Christmas getting closer, we're getting busier. Can anyone else relate?!

We got our tree decorated. It takes less time each year. You'll find this too as your kids get older. Chuck and I lay out the ornaments and the kids hang them on the tree. They are spaced evenly, heavier ornaments hung on heavier branches and they're not all hanging on the bottom branches. :) Okay, done. Then we look at each other, "Now what?" So we played UNO for a while.

(It was at this point I was planning to upload pictures of our tree, I had a whole paragraph I was going to write but my camera just died. I think I need to recharge the battery. It was at half power last night while we were driving around looking at Christmas lights. I'll have to wait to post those pictures too.)

So... what else has been happening. Oh! Allison was in a little play at their church. The older elementary kids sang while the preschoolers were the animals. They were all so cute!!

Allie's on the left -

Allie is on the right, looking down at Justus, the donkey


There's more to tell you but the pictures are being held hostage by my camera. I'll charge the battery and write more later.

Have an awesome day!

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JC said...

Cute pictures!! My older kids don't even help decorate the tree anymore!! lol