Thursday, December 1, 2011

Not Alone

After reading some of your blogs (okay, more like skimming) I realize I'm not the only one behind in blogging. Things have been so crazy this week.

I've been organizing a large event at work. The Christmas Around the World potluck is tomorrow night. (I think I've posted about this before. I think.) Anyway, I've created a couple 'trees' from tomato cages and white lights. Saw it on Pinterest. LOVE that site! If you've never been on it, go to and put your curser on the word 'Everything' at the top of the page. I usually go to DIY & Crafts. There are SO many do it yourself items. That's where I saw the trees. They didn't turn out half bad! I'll post pictures later. After I take pictures.

As soon as this event is over, I'll have some time to write. Until then --


Kristin said...

I've been wanting to do those tomato cage lights too - if I ever get to Home Depot! Can't wait to see how yours turn out :)

I am said...

Completely understand the busy and way behind in blogging... oi