Saturday, April 30, 2011

Do Your Photo Shoots Go Like This??

I was cooking dinner and Beth had Allison on her lap. She asked me, "Mom, I wan you take our piture." I got my camera, thinking it would be a cute one for the blog. (I think everything might be cute for the blog!)

This is how it went.....

"Allison, you silly girl! You need to put your cup down."

"Oh man! I keep forgetting to turn on the flash!
Hold on guys, sorry. Okay, lets try this again."

"Okay. That's not too bad! Let's do one more.
Beth I want you to smile, okay?"

"Oh careful Beth, you got her?
Allison hold on. Lets try again."

"Okay, not too bad! It's a good one Beth! I like it!"

Of course now dinner is burning and Allison is like a spider monkey trying to get off her lap. But we got it! We got a photo of Aunt Beth and Allison! Whew!

I bet your photo shoots go much smoother, right? :)


Becca said...

I think those pics are wonderful!!! Two beautiful, beautiful girls. :-)

Kristin said...

Great photos! Last time I tried to take "good" photos of Max I had to put him on a chair, on the coffee table, where he couldn't get off. And then we went outside and I had to put him up high on a stack of cement blocks!

Erin said...

I consider most of my shots to be lucky. It's so hard taking pictures of kiddos. I think these turned out cute, sorry about dinner though ;)

JC said...

Cute pictures! And yes, with six kids my photo shoots are often like this!! lol

Following our Arrow said...