Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Trying Something New - Tuesday Texts

I had the idea a few weeks ago to start posting some of the texts Beth sends me and the family. Sometimes they make me scratch my head, others make me laugh.
I don't remember how old she was when she got her first phone, and I keep forgetting to ask Sharaya and Diana. I'm sure they would know. We showed her how to text and if I remember right she just texted for a long time. Didn't do a whole lot else with her phone. 
Today she texts, plays games, takes pictures, listens to music, watches videos... she's learned a lot over the years!  
I'm going to try to post the actual text but if I can't for whatever reason, I'll write them with the same punctuation she uses.
When we were sick last month ~
Beth: i don't know if I want to go to all aboard tomorrow and wednesday to
Me: Should I cancel DART? 
B: Yes please
Then two days later ~
Don't you love the way she spells bananas? I've shown her how it's spelled but she always writes banan's. With the apostrophe too! She's listed the item and how many she wants of each. The 'blog cheese' is a block of cheese. I can't get her to buy cheese sticks, she wants to cut it herself at home. Cheddar and sour cream chips. 'Soft backed' is soft baked cookies. She buys the same things, in the same sizes every time. 
She was disappointed she couldn't go that day, she loves to grocery shop!


Cathy said...


Barb said...

Hi Cindy~

Such a cute blog!! I love that Beth knows how to use her phone. These special kids are so smart. I am babysitting Averi for the next two weeks, she's blind and autistic, but can use a smart phone, it's amazing. I loved the photo of Beth grocery shopping, she's so cute! Hugs, Barb

Terri D said...

She is amazing and does such a good job! Y'all have done so well teaching her to be self-sufficient and productive. SHe probably knows more about her phone than I know about mine!!

Billie Jo said...

I love this! And I had to smile because most times Flynn asks about something, I have to tell her we will check with Madison, Peyton, or Rhett! Beth's printing is beautiful!

Pamela M. Steiner said...

I love that you save her texts and that she has learned to do so well with them. I only learned to text a couple of years ago myself, as I never had a smart phone for a long time and just never really wanted to text. Now I kind of like it, but don't like having to spell everything out on a little keyboard on the phone. I still prefer real phone calls if it is important and also either messages on Messenger or email so I can type it on the computer. My fingers work so much better there. LOL. Thank you for sharing these. Beth is remarkable!

ellen b. said...

I like that...banan's and blog cheese. That phone is a good resource for her.

Ernie said...

I prefer Beth's spelling of banana. It's great to know that someone enjoys grocery shopping. ;)