Friday, December 2, 2022

The Busiest Week of the Year Turned Into a Little More

We've been doing these Thanksgiving Outreaches for more than 25 years and every year is different. Pastor R's wife J, who organizes and plans everything was sick this year and for the very first time wasn't there Thanksgiving Day! She's in her 70's and is just pushing herself too hard. (That's what Pastor R told me.) I believe him.
But everything went well. There were so many extra people that came to eat we had to set up 9 additional tables! Everyone eats, we clear and reset the tables, then the next group - or seating -  comes in. We have three seatings every year. We were completely exhausted by the end of the week / day, but it was so good to serve the community. We have a reception area for families to have snacks and play games while they wait to go into the dining room; there is a place to have photos taken; we have translators, prayer counselors, a clothing bank... and everything is free.

I spent Friday watching the parade and just recuperating. Then Saturday morning Beth and I headed back to church to clean up and reset everything for Sunday morning. I brought donuts, granola bars, bananas, McDonalds egg McMuffins, orange juice - anything the custodians might need to keep them going all day! We worked for a few hours, then headed home for our family Thanksgiving while the custodians finished up at church.

Our dinner was delicious and afterward we took a walk, then played cards. Poppy rested on the couch and watched us play.

At 5:15 Sunday morning I got a text from the custodian saying he was sick and couldn't work. I started getting ready just in case and at 6:00am began texting other custodians to see if they could work but it was a holiday weekend and no one was available. So I worked an 8 hour shift as a custodian, lifting huge cambros filled with coffee, moving tables,
needless to say I was wiped out by the end of the weekend. Thankfully we had Monday off so I rested that day too.
Tuesday I was back at work and that evening, the snow hit. More on that later!


Billie Jo said...

Cindy, I am exhausted just reading this! What a blessing you all are to so many!

Pamela M. Steiner said...

Wow, bless your really had your hands full! I am amazed at all you were able to do. And what a wonderful ministry to the community! That is marvelous. I can imagine how much the people appreciate it. I hope you are rested up after your busy week, but I know the work continues on. Wow. I know God gave you the strength you needed. How else could you have done it? (((hugs)))

Terri D said...

Oh my goodness!! Your title should have been A HUGE AMOUNT MORE... God bless you and the church serving those most in need. Just reading about all the work you did was exhausting. Bless you. xo

Debby@Just Breathe said...

What a wonderful thing you did for Thanksgiving. It gave me chills. You have been so busy. What a beautiful gift you give to people. You should be very proud of yourself. God Bless You

Rebecca Jo said...

OH WOW... I'm tired just reading all this!!! What a crazy time. I hope you get some time to just relax & do nothing but pamper yourself!!!

& Beth's overalls - those are too cute!!!

Ernie said...

Cindy this is so amazing. Very impressive. What a huge undertaking. You've touched so many people through this service. You MUST be exhausted. Yowza. I also read that Beth's test results were normal. Great news!

ellen b. said...

I can imagine the exhaustion after an event like this at church. So much preparation, planning and set up and break down. Yikes. Glad you have days to recover. We experienced a little of your snow on December 3-6th. We have many inches here that are not melting. :)