Thursday, July 21, 2022

Been Too Blah To Blog

Hi everyone. Still here. Just haven't had the time to blog - or - when I do, I just feel too blah to blog. 
How are you? Got any vacations planned? Or will you hang out at home this summer?
Summer has officially arrived here in the Seattle area, we went from rain and temps in the 60's to scorching sunshine and temps in the 80's and 90's within a week. Somebody flipped the switch! And I don't know about you but when it's warm and sticky... I don't want to do anything!
One thing I did do a few weeks ago was find a new hair salon. I will admit I've been going to Super Cuts for decades. Took our girls there when they were little and I just never stopped. A couple months ago I made an appointment on-line but when I got there the door was locked. Lights were on, OPEN sign was lit but no one was there. I even called 911 because I was concerned someone might be in trouble in the back. But the officer couldn't do anything because there was no sign of foul play: no chairs overturned, etc. So I went home. Made another appointment a few weeks later and same thing. So... I googled 'hair stylists near me' and it brought up MODA. The salon is about 10 minutes from me, the stylist was good, she was friendly, since it was my first visit I got a little goodie bag... I feel like a grown up! I got the same hair cut I always get but now I'm so excited to go back!

 I think I wrote about the birds that make a nest in our wreath every year and how they actually laid more eggs just a couple months ago. Pretty late in the season I thought. Their first litter? Pile? Clutch! I looked it up. Their first clutch was eaten by some animal. This time every time I looked there were 4 eggs. Mr and Mrs Junco chirped at us every time we'd come or go. Then a couple weeks went by and I noticed they weren't around anymore. I checked the nest the other day and there's still one egg left! I think that one just never hatched! 😢 

I babysat Poppy yesterday. I put some water in her pool and sat back and watched! That dog is a maniac!


Terri D said...

I chuckled at hot and sticky. Welcome to my world! I just found out my hair person quit Hair Cuttery. I have to try someone new now. August 3rd. Hope I get as lucky as you! Your pup in the pool is SO CUTE! Happy weekend!! xo

Doris said...

I've been in a blogging slump for what seems like forever!! Keep waiting for it to improve =) A good haircut is so worth it. I've been going to the same girl for at least 10 years. She owns the building and has a business partner so I think I'm safe to have her for many more years. How sad to be open but have the doors locked! Strange indeed. So happy you found a good replacement.
Happy pup!!