Thursday, April 28, 2022

Neighborly, Over Average, And, They're Baaack!

Beth texted me from the bowling alley last week:

'I have a pizza and sweets to' 

'That sounds good!'

'Yeah. i got my medal and first place'

'What?!? Wow Beth! Congratulations!!'

'Thanks. i will show you and dad my medal to when I get home'

She came in the door and showed me her medal and said she also got $5. I asked if I could take a picture but she said no. A couple days later I'm reading the bowling newsletter and I see:

'The most over average last week was Ms. Beth Anderson as she saved her high game for when it counted the most and it was a terrific 146! She beat her average by a whopping 62 pins!'

Wow, there's over 100 bowlers! No wonder she got a medal and some cash! She hasn't bowled regularly for over 2 years but she's starting out hot! I took these a couple weeks ago -

For quite a while now I've watched our neighbors try to navigate a street corner that was overgrown and dangerous. I finally called the city a couple months ago and was told they've been looking at this corner for a while but haven't been able to move forward due to a power pole that was in the way. Well, this week they showed up! The other corner is much worse than this one and they're fixing them both! I love my city!

 I saw the man out there talking to the workers, he was pointing at areas of the new sidewalk; filled my heart with joy! And I'm so glad the workers got to see exactly who they were doing it for and what a difference they're making in that man's life.


We began seeing those old familiar signs: twigs on the porch, tiny sticks, moss, and then one day, there it was. Mrs. Junko had come back to build her nest!

 I took those pictures on Tuesday and when I checked the nest again today...

 Two tiny eggs! They should hatch and be out of the nest in just a few weeks. The Junko's have used this wreath for many years now and I look forward to seeing them every time!

Have you had any fun surprises this week?


ellen b. said...

Wow, that's quite an improvement in bowling scores for Beth! Congratulations to her! That's nice that the city is improving those corners. Have a good weekend!

Terri D said...

No fun surprises here but I am happy to see yours!! How fun to expect the birds back each year and to be able to watch the babies!! Congratulations to Beth! Fantastic!! Have a great weekend!!

Doris said...

Wow, Congrats to Beth! Ellen doesn't enjoy bowling but will go with friends if they want to (pre March 2020...we still aren't doing many indoor activities)...but she insists on bumpers.
So happy your streets are getting fixed. And a nest in the cool!

Rebecca Jo said...

Holy cow - Look at Beth go!!! I do good to ever get over 50 bowling - LOL

R's Rue said...

Way to go Beth. Keep it up.