Saturday, April 25, 2020

Saturday Snippets

Brought Chuck home on Monday and he's doing so much better today.  He's off the pain meds from the surgery, the incision is healing well and he's back to his ol' mischievous self.

I wish I'd thought to get a picture of them actually wheeling him out! I was just too excited!

 Beth helped me make mashed potatoes. I peeled and she cut. We haven't had them in such a long time but they were the perfect comfort food this week! They were so good!

I had to go to Home Depot for work yesterday and had to wait in line to get in. It went really fast though and I was able to grab the item I needed and I was out of there pretty fast. The less time I have to spend in public nowadays the better!

I also had to go to Safeway and I will tell you, I am a rule follower. If there is a large red sign on the floor showing 'One Way' I'm only going to go that way. It was so frustrating the amount of people who just Do. Not. Care. 

I got this picture off Google Images but this is what their signs look like. And people would just push by going the opposite direction. Sigh. But I will say Safeway was stocked! Every shelf except flour, they even had a big selection of toilet paper! It was so nice!

What is shopping like for you?
Are you finding stocked or empty shelves when you go out?


Sandi said...

"... they even had a big selection of toilet paper!"

Gasp! Ha ha...isn't it funny what is good news these days?

Glad you are not seeing too many shortages now. As of a few days ago when I went we had a few shortages. Very little fresh beef and chicken, but loads of frozen fish. A little flour, some rice. But everything else was well stocked. The shelves were full. Except TP.

ellen b. said...

Glad to hear the Chuck is home and recuperating. I'll have to check the floor the next time I go to the store and see if there are one way signs.

Jeanie said...

SUCH good news that Chuck is home. SUCH good. And I'm with you -- not going out and if I must minding the rules.

I think you'll be having a lovely Sunday all together!

Rebecca Jo said...

I just watched a special on CNN talking about how Vietnam had ZERO deaths with this - because the people all followed the rules... I know sometimes the government running thing is scary & not good - but when people get out of control & cant listen to the most BASIC of rules - its like we're living in a country of pouty 2 year olds
On a good note - mashed potatoes ...mmmmmm
& so happy your hubby is home!!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Potatoes are truly a comfort food. We just did some baked potatoes. I haven't been in any grocery stores. I heard about those signs and it's a great idea. We need flour, I forgot to order it last time. We have done grocery pick up at our local store. I might work on a delivery from Sprout's this week. Our pantry is still pretty full but there are some fresh items that we need like fruit and salad. Take care, stay well.