Tuesday, March 5, 2019

My "Big Girl Helper"

That's what I called her when she was little and would help me around the house. She loved to do housework!

And she still helps out when I'm at work, emptying the dishwasher or folding and putting the bath towels away. She refills the hand soap and toilet paper dispensers, does her own laundry...

Well this week she helped me work out in the yard. We have pine, cedar and hemlock trees in our yard and there are so many needles and pine cones and twigs!

 We got out there and raked everything up, then put it in the yard waste bin. She would rake and I would put it in the bin and then we'd switch. We make a great team!

Then Chuck got out and used the leaf blower on the driveway. Everything looks so much better!

Have you been able to get out and do any yard work yet this year? 
Do you do it yourself or do you hire someone else to do it?
(That's my goal. Someday someone else will do it for me!)


Rebecca Jo said...

We cant do any yard work yet because of SNOW - UGHHHH...
But when its time, tell Beth she can head my way :)

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, we have yard work year round here in Hawaii:-(

ellen b. said...

Love your good helper! It's more fun to do yard work with someone by your side. We won't be able to get out to do anything in the yard until April or May. After all the snow goes away and weather improves. We'll have lots of branches and cones to get rid of. Our church is having a Hire a Teen event to raise money for their Mission trip this summer so we are wanting to hire a couple teens to help with our Spring cleanup! Hope you are having a good week.

bj said...

That yard work she is doing is so good for her. I love that ya'll work and do other things together.
Bill and I worked side by side in our yard at the olden house. After we moved into The Summer House, son does a lot of it himself. When Bill was with us, he loved to mow using son;s riding mower. I just tend to my container gardening but it will be another month before it warms up enuf to bring plants out of the greenhouse.