Tuesday, May 30, 2017

So We Let Her Go With The Bright Pink... With One Stipulation

Remember when I said we tried to talk Beth out of painting her room a very bright pink? Well, we decided it is her room after all so we told her she could paint one wall the bright pink but the other walls would need to be a softer shade and she agreed. 👍 

This is what the room looked like before we started painting. Diana painted it this way when it was her room and she did it completely by herself, all in just one weekend! (And she painted two other rooms as well that weekend!)

In this picture I'm standing by the door looking back toward the bedroom. She doesn't like sleeping in the actual bedroom so that will become her kitchen. We'll put her dining room table in there and her refrigerator and kitchen cabinets. This large room will be her bedroom on one side and her living room on the other.

This is after I had put on the primer. When the guy at Home Depot heard what colors we were trying to cover, he suggested I use a gray primer rather than white. It was a great idea, but the color he gave me was way too dark of a gray. We ended up having to do two coats of the pink to cover the gray. But I love doing a gray primer! It covered the original paint really well.

 She chose such a light pink for the rest of the room that it really compliments the bright pink. I like the way it turned out!

Now we just need to clean everything up and bring her furniture back downstairs. I'm so ready to have my house back and she's ready to have hers! 


Rebecca Jo said...

So fun!!! I like the compromise too. Glad that worked for everyone!

Caz said...

Cindy, somehow, some months ago your posts stopped showing up for me, and I've been thinking you haven't been posting. I am so glad I've found you again, and I've just spent a very happy hour catching up on what I've missed. So glad you're still writing, and so so glad I'll be reading again - there's a lot happening for you and I've missed knowing how you are all doing.

bj said...

I love the pinks....
I painted our bedroom pink one time, long ago, and it looked just like Pepto Bismol....I covered it with primer and went white...:)

Kristin said...

Piper did pink and yellow a couple of months ago - super bright. I feel like I'm walking into sorbet every time I go in her room - ha! Your pinks look great :)