Saturday, December 27, 2014

Twenty Four Years Ago Today

It was 24 years ago today I had my third and final C-section. Our beautiful baby girl was born, in the midst of a major snow storm she arrived right on time! Hasn't been on time since, but hey, what can ya do, right?! (Love you Diana!)

Part way through my pregnancy we had to switch insurances which meant we had to change doctors and hospitals. Instead of traveling 10 minutes to appointments, it now took us 30 minutes. And to top it off, Seattle had a major snow and ice storm the week she was born.
My dad flew up from San Diego to be here for her birth and Chuck had to go back and forth to the airport in the snow to get him. It was a crazy week!
But we had our baby girl. She slept through the night, even in the hospital. She was such a good baby, ate well, adjusted to life at home and just fit right in with the family.
She was our strong-willed child; was very determined and confident. She's grown up to be a focused young woman who, once she figures out what she wants, will stop at nothing to get it! She's very disciplined and works hard to reach her goals.

She loves fashion and traveling and adventure!

She also loves her niece! She's such a good aunt, exposing Allie to new adventures almost every time she's with her!

We love you Diana and hope you have an amazing birthday!

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