Sunday, December 7, 2014

I Didn't Even Think About Beth's Reaction

Hey! Remember me? I thought it was time to post another update.

Chuck is still looking for a full time job. The difficult part is trying to find one that pays around the same that he was making at his former job. He is even making more on unemployment than many jobs he's applied for. We keep praying and trusting the Lord.

Special Connections is growing and changing. We'll be moving into a different room after the first of the year. It's much bigger than our current room, plus it's close to the bathrooms and the elevator. One of our students has a difficult time walking so being close to the elevator will help. Plus, I'll be starting a group  for kids and young adults with special needs on Tuesday evenings during our prayer meetings. The parents will be able to drop their kids off in our class and attend the meetings each week. I'm a little nervous about all the changes, but also excited about everything that the Lord wants to do for people in our congregation who have special needs.

A family member was recently arrested and is now in jail. They regret their part in the situation and seem very repentant. There are kids involved and they're now in foster care. It's hard living so far away while the family goes through this.

Allison turned 5 last week. Sharaya threw an amazing party for her this weekend. We got there early to help set up and I was so impressed with everything Sharaya did for this party. Allie and her friends made crowns, had pillow fights and had a big surprise from a special visitor! Sharaya really outdid herself!


Sharaya painted this specifically for the party!


I was so focused on Allison, I didn't even THINK about watching Beth as Aurora walked in! Near the end of the party, Beth came up to me and excitedly said, "I have her movie!" So we asked Aurora if she would take a picture with Beth and she was happy to oblige. :)


Caz said...

Lovely to hear from you! I hope all the changes go well - you're doing great things x

Kristin said...

Love your new header picture!!