Sunday, August 24, 2014

It Produces Such Emotion

Last weekend I went down to the beach to take part in a Moonlight Beach Adventure put on by our city. We are the kind of family that sits in front of the TV most evenings but since our vacation, I've been trying to get out more. Even if it's just sitting in the backyard, I want to live like I'm on vacation all the time.

At home we're busy all day, then we eat dinner in front of the TV (we only have a small breakfast nook and we all don't fit around it very comfortably) and we don't move again for the rest of the night.

When we're on vacation though, we visit people, we go to the beach, we see places we don't normally go to... I know we can't do that every night of the week when we're home, but I'm just trying to change my mindset to get out and enjoy this great city and our surroundings.

So... :)

About 7:00 one night I drove down to the beach. It's about 5 minutes from our house. Yea, you'd think I'd be there more often. There weren't too many people when I got there but it sure filled up fast! There was a diver that went down about 25 feet and collected sea life for us to look at and they put them in small pools they had on the shore.

There were docents at each pool to talk to us about the sea life. They believe this Flounder was blind because of it's blue eyes. Also, did you know that when they swim on their sides, one eye moves so both eyes are on top? I thought that was so interesting!
Then as the sun began to set, I planted myself at the water's edge and snapped picture after picture. There's just something about capturing God's creation through a camera lens that produces such emotion in me.


If I could do anything with my life, I'd be a Landscape Photographer. Sometimes I just crave the outdoors, the various landscapes, the colors.  I don't think I could ever take black and white photos because for me, it's all about the contrast in the colors.
It was almost 9:00 when I turned and headed back to my car. A spectacular night, spent outdoors doing what I absolutely love to do.


Caz said...

I love those pictures. And living so close to the sea must be wonderful, even if you're not their that much. Snake and I were discussing when we next have a day that we can head to the coast. Keep squeezing vacation moments into your life.

Unknown said...

Lovely photos! I try to spend most of the day outdoors, which is rather easy with Owen since all he wants to do is go outside and play and explore.