Monday, March 4, 2013

One of the Joys of Parenting

Beth has been asking me (for a while now) to call the doctor about her pinky toe. She keeps saying it hurts. So I finally made the appointment for today. It went something like this:

Dr: Does it hurt when I touch here?
Beth: No.
Dr: How about here?
Beth: No.
Dr: Hmm. How about if I squeeze right here?
Beth: No.
Dr: It could be an ingrown toenail. But that would be very painful. It could be 'this' or 'that'. We could have her go down for an xray and rule out 'this' and 'that'. Beth, when did it first start hurting?
Beth: When we were on vacation.
Dr: And when were you on vacation?
Beth: (Stares at floor.)
Me: September.
Beth: When I wore my crocks.
Me: That's right. She complained of her toe hurting then.
Dr: Has it been hurting since then?
Beth: No.
Me: (What?!??!?)
Dr: (Big smile on her face) I won't schedule any tests right now. Mom, why don't you keep an eye on it and call me if it starts hurting again. (Tries to keep from laughing.)


Becca said...

That totally sounds like a conversation I'd have with Samantha! You ask her if something hurts, and she'll say yes, just because she'd gotten a reaction out of me the last time she said something hurt. But then ask her if something hurts when it likely really *does* hurt, and you get nothin'. LOL

ckbrylliant said...

oh my! too funny. needed a good chuckle!

Laura said...

Hope her toe feels better soon:)