Sunday, December 30, 2012

We Thought of You

Christmas morning we had The Christmas Carol on the TV while we opened presents. The noise in the room would usually follow the noise on the TV, louder, then softer.

We were at a break in the gift opening when the part came on TV where Scrooge is with The Ghost of Christmas Future and they are watching Bob Cratchit's house. We all got quiet as they showed the empty chair of little Timmy.

I said, "This makes me think of the children from the elementary school in Connecticut. I wonder what kind of Christmas their families are having."

The living room got quiet.

We talked about what the parents would do with all those unopened presents. Some of us mentioned, if it was us, that maybe we'd give them to a shelter.

Ryan said he'd probably keep them all.

The tears were flowing now.

Sharaya said she heard that one of the kids was into horses and that her parents had bought her new cowboy boots for Christmas this year. She said if it was her daughter, she'd definitely keep those.

We talked about maybe keeping a few special gifts. Putting them in a special place somewhere in the house. I mentioned Kristen's mom and how she's kept Kristen's room the same.

The kids agreed they'd probably do the same.

By now we were passing around the kleenex.

I thought of Carly and Brad's mom and dad. I thought of everything they've gone through in the last couple of years. I wondered what kind of Christmas they had this year.

My heart aches for all of them.

I pray you were able to find a little piece of joy at Christmas this year.

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Caz said...

It's such a hard time, for so many people. I am very thankful for the good fortune of having spent this Christmas, this year, with my family.