Wednesday, September 5, 2012

"The Lab is Down the Hall and To Your Right"

Beth and I both had doctor's appointments today. We see the same doctor (we LOVE her!) My appt was at 12:00 and Beth's was at 12:15. We both went into the room together.

I'm having issues with my legs, it feels like my bones ache. Plus some lower back pain.

Beth is having bouts of incontinence and she needed lab work done for her upcoming appointment with her thyroid doctor. Beth did great sitting up on the table. A little nervous but not too bad.

She also had to pee in a cup, no easy task, let me tell ya!! But she did it.

Then we both headed to the lab. Beth said she wanted me to go first and as I sat down in the chair she says, "Try not to faint mom." Gee, thanks Beth. So I had the nurse lay the chair back. Just in case. :)

Beth was a rock. She sat in the chair and told her, "I don't like to look." The nurse laughed, "I don't either!"

I then went to get xrays where they took some pictures of my back.

Beth has a follow up appointment in October. I'm so glad we're finally getting these health issues taken care of.

On the way to the car, we took off our bandages and decided we were going for yogurt!


Jennifer Scott said...

I hope your yogurt was frozen :) Nothing is a better treat after blood work than frozen sweet deliciousness.

ckbrylliant said...

Was hoping that Beth wore her prom dress to the doctor's and you took another picture!!! I pray for a positive outcome of all your tests.

Cammie Heflin said...

Hope you get some answers!

Unknown said...

Our youngest sibling has some special needs too but we love her so much and that made her a happy kid. Beth is an adorable and strong person. Did I mention that I faint in the sight of blood lol! Those machines scare the hell out of me lol. Hopefully, the tests will be okay.

Btw, I was wondering if you have any idea about transvaginal mesh lawsuit. Mom's getting treatment for her incontinence next week but that reports made me doubt. Any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Get Beth checked for intersisital cystisis, a rather common bladder condition. I have it, and it sucks but there are things that can be done to help it. visit for more info