Saturday, September 22, 2012


We finished at Chuck's mom and sister's house and said our goodbyes. I pushed his mom in her wheel chair from the restaurant back to the home and was reminded of my mom. I pushed her in a wheel chair a few years ago; we walked around the block and talked about life. It was the last time I saw her. She died exactly one month to the day we took our walk. I was thinking of that as I walked with Mary Ann and I started crying. It was hard to se eher like that, but we really did have a good visit.

We dropped the girls at the airport Friday morning. Beth has decided she doesn't like to fly. Diana is so good with her and helped her the entire way. (You can read Diana's account on her blog Such Falderol, on the right side of this blog.)

 Chuck and I then began our drive from Denver to Billings, Montana. We woke up in Billings this morning and tonight I'm writing this in our condo in Canmore, Alberta, Canada. 

The first thing we realized when we woke up this morning is that we left our phone charger in Billings. We stopped at the Verizon store in Shelby, Montana and bought a new one.

We laughed SO hard driving through the plains of Montana. Something on the radio had us laughing so hard we were crying!

Crossed over the border to Canada and were making good time! Then we got lost in Calgary. Supposed to take Highway 1 but they didn't always post signs! It seems we drove around in circles for about an hour before finally heading out of the city toward Canmore.

Diana called us. "I need to tell you what happened." She was getting home from work when she saw the fire truck and ambulances in front of our house. Seems a young guy was driving up the street and passed out. He hit our neighbors fence and another car and that car ran into our fence. We have some rounds of wood stacked against the fence and I guess that's what stopped the second car. Both drivers were taken to the hospital. Scary.

We got to the condo, unloaded luggage then headed back to downtown Canmore for groceries and some dinner. Got lost again. We finally found the street we were to be on and were stopped at a red light... when a train whistle blows. The bars go down and we wait. And wait. This is a transcontinental train and it's going s-l-o-w through the city. And we waited. 

It was then that we both burst out laughing. You know how it is if you don't laugh you'll cry?? Our windows were down because the weather is beautiful here!! People were driving by (we were waiting to turn left onto the street the train was on) and looking at us as we laughed and laughed!

What a day. What a long, crazy day!

This is a little town called Judith Springs. Judith... something.
This is the entire town. 
There was a post office. A small grocery store.
A few houses. Out in the middle of no where.
I sometimes wonder what it would be like to live in towns like this.

I loved the old barns and the rolling hills.



 The Canadian border at Coutts.

 This is downtown Calgary. I took this at 70 mph.
(I don't remember how fast that is in kilometers!)

 Just outside our condo.


Caz said...

It's beautiful Cindy, so much space. Hope you have lots more laughter and no more of the worrying stuff while you're on your trip.

JC said...

Sounds like you guys are having a great trip :)

Kristin said...

Sounds fun!!