Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rewind Wednesday - Waiting For Her Bus

I had such a great Rewind Wednesday for you!! This morning I took a picture of Beth waiting for her DART bus to take her to karaoke and art. Then I remembered a picture of Beth when she was 5, standing on a kitchen chair, looking out the window waiting for her school bus.

Did you think I could find that picture today??

I have looked on thumb drives, in photo albums, photo boxes. I've probably spent more than an hour looking for that darn thing. Can't find it anywhere!

I'll probaby find it tomorrow when I'm looking for something completely unrelated.... like socks.

Well anyway, when Beth was 5 she was SO excited about her bus coming! She pulled a chair over to the window and crawled up on it. Sharaya was in the picture too along with a friend named Jenny. All three girls are smiling and anxious for Beth's Bus!

Fast forward to today.

She was out!! Yea, I think the excitement's worn off.

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Becca said...

Hehehe - Looks comfy! I'd love to see that old photo! You'll still have to post it when you do come across it again. :-)