Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Rewind Wednesday - Eating

I was looking for an old journal the other day and found some different journals from when Beth was in preschool. Do you ever do that? Go on a search for one thing and come across something different, sometimes something better?!

When Beth started preschool, we kept Composition Books that the teachers and I would write in each day. How Beth was doing, if any situations arose that needed our attention, etc. You may have them too. Anyway I found two old books dating back to 1987. At that time, Beth's teacher was also named Cindy.

This entry was dated October 26, 1987. Beth had just turned 3.

Teacher Cindy,
After I read Beth a book, she'll take it and 'read' it back to me by trying to pronounce words and using some signs - baby, eat. She does really well!
Also, when she eats, she'll push the food to the back of her mouth (with her fingers) so she can put more in and 9 times out of 10 she chokes. We're trying to show her to 'chew with her teeth' until it's all gone but she continues to push it back.

I had forgotten about Beth doing that. For years Beth has used her tongue to push the food to the roof of her mouth. Did you know kids with Ds have a very high roof? Beth's is like the Grand Canyon, a narrow, long space that seems to be a convenient space to store food. To this day, I'll see her using her tongue to cram food to the roof of her mouth so she can put more food in and then begin chewing. And if I don't catch her in time, she'll get so much food in her mouth that she can't close it!  I'll tell her to put a napkin in front of her mouth so she can chew. I don't know why she does it, drives me crazy.

I know many of you post about not being able to get your kids to eat. With Beth, it's just the opposite.

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JC said...

Ah, you have just described Russell! The roof of his mouth is sooo high! When he eats that is the first place he pushes all his food...I am scared to let anyone else feed him because they think he has finished the food and they will continue to give him more, meanwhile it is all stuck on the roof of his mouth...sigh...

I love it when you do Rewind Wednesdays...I think it's really cool that you kept a journal too!