Wednesday, February 29, 2012


At our all night prayer meeting last Friday, we'd pray for an hour, then break for 30 minutes, then pray for an hour. Each pastor took one hour and would focus on a certain topic like families, government or our community. Microphones were set up so we could pray out loud if we wanted to and everyone could hear and agree with us in prayer.

Around the 3:00 hour one lady got up to pray and she was articulate and the inflection in her voice was amazing. I could have listened to L pray all night! During the break I got bold and went up to her and introduced myself. Something I rarely do.

I asked her if she had any kids and she said yes. She has a son with cerebral palsy.


L asked if I volunteered anywhere at church and I told her I taught a class for kids with special needs.


L told me that she's a single mom. She told me about when her son was diagnosed.

She asked if I had any kids and I told her my oldest has Down Syndrome.


Then her eyes got wide, "You understand!! You u-n-d-e-r-s-t-a-n-d!!"

We were definitely bonded by now. Then I told her about my second daughter Sharaya. L said she knew Sharaya.


L is good friends with Ryan's mom and they spent July 4th with L and her family.

Really?? (Sharaya showed us their July 4 pictures.)

Then L's eyes got wide again. "Beth is Sharaya's sister!!! Sharaya has talked about special needs and written about it on her blog but I never made the connection!"

I hope I've been able to portray the moment. It was just one of those meetings. Those 'chance' meetings that change your life. At the end of the prayer meeting, they served us breakfast and we sat with L and her mom. I've been thinking about L a lot. We're now friends on facebook and are talking about when we can get together again. She's such an amazing lady and I can't wait to get to know her better.


Becca said...

I had written a couple of posts last year about connections. It's amazing that you never know *who* has that connection!! I bet there are an awful lot out there that we'll never know of, whose paths we cross every day.

Nan said...

I love the REALLY? part! That's God. Right? Saying Yes, really!

'Lena Ehlert said...

And L's son, "G" is an AMAZING little boy! :)
"Ryan's mom"

Nikki said...

That's awesome!!

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