Sunday, January 8, 2012

Crazy Lady

Beth has choir rehearsal every Sunday afternoon and today while I was taking her I asked her if she had her cell phone. She always calls us when it's over to come pick her up. She told me she did have it. Then she said, "Calm down crazy lady."

Uh, excuse me?!?!?!

The way she said it was a little bossy. Beth rarely talks back or is disrespectful and I was shocked!! I looked over at her and she did have a smile on her face. Um, okaaaaay. I wasn't sure if this was true disrespect but I made sure she knew not to say it again.

Sometimes it's hard with Beth because she doesn't always get jokes or teasing. She'll ask us something like, "Can I have the last yogurt?" and Chuck will teasingly tell her, "Nooooo! Noooo, it's miiiine!" And she'll hang her head and put it back. We have to remind her that Dad's just teasing and she really can have it. So it's also hard to tell when she's teasing.

I think this was a case of teasing. I think. Sometimes I really can be crazy.


JC said...

Haha, "calm down crazy lady" I love it!! Oh, and my 13yr old Nephew with Aspergers does NOT get our jokes either! He takes everything literally, so I hear ya when you say its hard to know when she is joking.

My Little Wonders said...

Too funny! Somehow I can almost see my one-year old saying something along those lines one day.

Kristin said...

My daughter says that to me all the time. And she's not teasing. I think I am that crazy ;)