Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Taking A Few Minutes to Reminsce

I'm babysitting Allie today. The first time since we got back from our trip. We read books, blew bubbles, walked on the brick wall in the backyard, ate lunch and rode the horsey. I then put on an old record I have.

Yes, a record. A 33 rpm, old fashioned, record. I even have a turntable! We used to call them record players.... back in the day. :)

Allie was in the other room when she heard, "It's a small world after all!" She came running into the livingroom, eyes wide and mouth open! She immediately began to dance!

After the record ended, we just had to go to the computer and look at pictures.

Shopping in Colorado

Chuck's mom Mary Ann, with the kids

Four Generations
Mary Ann, Chuck, Sharaya and Allison

Wild rabbits!
Did you know they have rabbits running wild in Colorado?
Amazes me every time we visit.

The beautiful scenery driving through New Mexico

It wouldn't be a road trip without stopping at Sonic for lunch!

Horseback riding in San Diego

My sister Debbie has owned horses my whole life.
She got her first horse when I was in Jr High.
This horse, Callie is definitely the tallest, 17 Hands!

Even my dad got on her!
He's almost 87! He amazes me.
We had such a great time. So grateful to Deb for the opportunity.
I know how much work goes into grooming a horse and preparing to ride.
(I've been watching her do it for years!) :)

Family reunion.
All the baby cousins.
Or second cousins.
These are all the cousins kids.

These are the cousins.
We're only missing KJ.

And here is everybody.
The only people missing were Kathy and Ken (my sis and her husband) and their son KJ and his wife Amber. Kathy and Ken were at their property in Colorado and KJ and Amber recently moved to Idaho. It was so fun to see everyone again!

Me and my cousins. The first time I've seen them in 25 years.
It's an indescribable feeling when you're reunited with family!
We're hoping to get together again next year.

In the ocean in San Diego.
Played for hours at La Jolla Shores.
It was cool and cloudy but that didn't stop us!

Beth just called me. She's at her karoake class today.
She calls almost every Wednesday to tell me what she sang.
Can you guess what song it was this week?


Kristin said...

I hope it was 'it's a small world' :)

'Lena Ehlert said...

Mark started singing "It's a Small World" yesterday when I had Allie....she just giggled! So cute!

Laurie said...

Looks like it was a wonderful adventure. I've been busy and gotten my blog reading done lately. So fun to catch up. I can't wait until Nevin has some nieces/nephews.... he will be so good with him...... like Auntie Bethie is! :)

Nan said...

Sound (and looks) like so much fun. Definitely jealous of all your family! Slim pickings on that end here!