Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rewind Wednesday - Back to School

From Beth's journal -
August 23, 1993

Hi Beth!
You're in 2nd grade now. Your teacher's name is Mrs. Douglas and you're in Room 6. You're doing so well at school that you were student of the day last week! Great Job!

First day of school, September 1993.
Sharaya was going into 1st, Beth into 2nd.
(Diana was only about 2 1/2.)

Beth's school picture that year.

Dontcha love the big glasses? Anyway, one thing I remember about Beth being in special ed was that they didn't want the parents in the classrooms. When Sharaya was in the 2nd grade I helped every Friday for the entire year. I read to the kids and helped the teacher wherever she needed me. In Diana's classes, we'd throw surprise parties for the teachers birthdays and I'd volunteer for field trips.
But Beth's classes, I was always told they didn't want the parents in the rooms. They said it would be distracting to the kids. I can sort of understand that now that I work (on a small scale) with kids who have special needs, but at the time, I sometimes wondered what actually went on inside those rooms. I wish I had been bold enough to at least visit the school and watch from the window.


Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

love the pic of beth and sharaya. interesting thoughts about not letting parents into the special ed classrooms - whitney is going to two preschools this year, the same one as last year with anne + the early childhood program in our district. i think i am allowed to come observe... hopefully?
hope you guys have a great trip :)

JC said...

Cute school picture!!

Mom of 12 said...

Cute pics! We had the same with our autistic son. When we showed up even for a minute or two at school it threw him off for hours. It was better to just stay away.