Saturday, July 23, 2011

First Attempt -- Failed

I've really been trying to get a video on here. So you can see and hear Beth 'in real time'. I've taken a couple of great videos but haven't been able to upload them. I looked through my camera instructions: "What if you can't play back movies on a computer?" Their answer? "Install the program".

So tonight I installed the program. Nothing.

I called Diana in to help me. She clicked here and there then said the program isn't fully compatible with our computer. I could get it on the blog, but it would be sideways, or upside down or something. I guess I wasn't supposed to turn the camera while I was recording. Well, I haven't given up hope! I'll keep trying.

Root Beer Floats

Every Tuesday night our church has a prayer meeting. About 300 - 400 people gather each week and a few weeks ago, our pastor decided to have root beer floats afterward! They were delicious! We met outside under the breezway, an area where you can drive through and drop people off. The weather was nice that night! (Beth is on the bottom right, wearing a black, hooded sweater.)


Nan said...

Wow! Your church is huuuuuuugggggggeeeeee! I love root beer floats. Could have used a couple of those a day last week!

Unknown said...

I love that : ) What a fun night. I don't know how to do anything with videos either. Nothing at all!

Michelle said...

What fun w/the root beer floats!

Try uploading the video to You can edit on the site and rotate the video and then post from there to your blog.